About Us

Wedding has proven to be a big and vast creative industry in Indonesia. Born with the idea that wedding preparation is one of the most important moments in the life of every single person and with its mission to connect between each and everyone of the ready-to-get married individual to the wedding industries through its media, store, and wedding exhibitions, Weddingku was established to become the leading and the most integrated wedding media, agency and other services in Indonesia.

Through its wedding online portal, content and publishing division, wedding exhibitions, online wedding store, and also a honeymoon travel agency, Weddingku has proved it existence for more than twelve years to become most sought after wedding directory in Indonesia.

Digital and Printed Media

WEDDINGKU.COM - Indonesia most comprehensive on line wedding directory and the largest wedding community portal

Weddingku.com presents the most comprehensive wedding directory and information portal supported by the largest wedding community in Indonesia. With around the clock Internet access, couples can easily find and search any information and inspiration to support their wedding preparations. Thorough and detailed information are also presented with more than 10,000 list of wedding vendors and thousands of images to show the products and services. To make wedding preparation easier and enjoyable, special tools for budgeting, creating guest lists, or even sending invitations are also created and developed for each couple to use.

We are refreshing the look and display our website to make it more enticing, not only a user friendly, but most importantly, an enjoyable website to read and search for you. With more than 120,000 visitors and 6 million pages viewed each week, more than 5,000 registered new members every month and 200,000 new emails registered each year, Weddingku.com is the largest and most visited wedding portal in Indonesia.

Weddingku Magazine, Weddingku Tradisional and Weddingku Blog Your Sources of Wedding Inspirations

The editors of Publishing and Content Division of Weddingku work hard not only to create beautiful and informative pages to its Weddingku and Weddingku Tradisional magazines, but also your source of information through its wedding blog.

Surveyed as the leading wedding magazine in Indonesia and published quarterly, Weddingku takes pride of its magazines presenting not only detailed and thoughtful ideas for you but serving as the connection between the readers and the wedding vendors respectively. While the magazines serve the readers as their literatures for inspirations, Weddingku Blog presents lighter written articles full of ideas for quick inspiration and references.

With access to the Internet through smartphones or tablets, readers can easily read and enjoy the frequently uploaded writings and images from Weddingku Blog inside the Weddingku.com.

Travel Agency

Weddingku Honeymoon The Name for Everything Honeymoons and Romantic Getaways

Be it Bali, the most romantic island in the world, or even The Maldives, the dream honeymoon destination for couples around the world, Weddingku Honeymoon offers you the best romantic packages you can ever get.

We scour each and every resort in Bali and elsewhere, deal and create romantic packages to suit every couples' needs, put more extra miles for you, and these are our jobs to make your honeymoon as enjoyable, unforgettable, and most importantly, as romantic as you can feel.

Weddingku Honeymoon has become one of the top travel agencies in productions among private villas and luxury resorts in Bali.

It also expands its services to other special travel and leisure packages and also has been pro-active to attend travel exhibitions around the world.

Weddingku Store

Your Online Store for Creative Things

Wedding souvenirs are just small matters but hold very important aspect in every wedding party. Be it a simple one or more elaborate creation, it is a symbol of appreciation from the couples to their guests.

Combining all the sources in the wedding industry, the creativities from the in-house graphics and the Weddingku website, we created the online store couples can easily click, browse and choose for their wedding souvenir needs.

Not only Weddingku Store serves directly as an online store for the couples, it is also a place for other vendors to sell and promote their products through Weddingku.com.

Weddingku Venue Deal

Bringing the Right Couples to the Right Venues

What is a venue deal? Is it somewhat a deal for couples?

Sometimes good deals are hard to come by. Yet, with its dealing experiences and vast sources to every hotel's ballrooms and any major wedding venues in Jakarta, Weddingku Venue Deal is helping every couple to get married in their dream-wedding venue. Hence, our tag line is 'bringing the right couples to the right venues'.

Be it better deals or better services, Weddingku Venue Deal will help the couples to arrange their party and to get better deals with the wedding venues and the wedding vendors respectively. Nothing but for the benefits of the couples is what Weddingku Venue Deal is for.